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Julie Bresette

Weaving Words Unveiling the Unseen 

Hi, I'm Julie Bresette

    I am a passionate young adult fiction writer from the vibrant city of Kansas City, Missouri. My deep desire is to shed light on the often-overlooked subject of mental health issues in young adults, and my words resonate with authenticity, vulnerability, and a profound understanding of the human experience.

Drawing from my own personal journey and encounters, I fearlessly explore the intricate complexities of the adolescent mind, captivating readers with my raw and unfiltered storytelling. My writing style possesses a unique blend of realism and emotional depth, allowing readers to form a genuine connection with the characters and the issues they grapple with.

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Best young adult fiction novel for raising mental health Awareness.  

“A Poignant Journey that Eases the Path of Mental Health Disclosure for Young Adults"

– Cody Persell

Get in touch with Julie at [email protected].

Published by Red Cord Publishing

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