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About Me

   My work serves as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness and fostering empathy, encouraging conversations about mental health that are desperately needed in today's society. Through my stories, I tackle themes of anxiety, depression, self-discovery, and resilience, offering young adults a voice and a sense of validation in their own struggles.

As an empathetic advocate, I strive to create a safe space within my narratives, inviting readers to explore the intricacies of mental health with compassion and understanding. My unwavering commitment to authenticity and my ability to delicately navigate challenging topics make me an influential figure in the young adult fiction genre.

When I'm not crafting captivating tales or delving into the lives of my characters, I delight in cherishing moments with my family and immersing myself in the enchanting realms of other fictional works. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of diverse individuals and cultures that envelop me, I find solace and fresh ideas within the pages of literature.

My passion for storytelling and my dedication to shedding light on mental health issues in young adults make me a truly compelling author. My words have the power to ignite change, encourage empathy, and inspire young minds to embrace their own unique journeys. With every page I write, I continue to leave an indelible mark on the literary landscape, captivating readers and enriching lives along the way.


Where are you from?

I'm from Kansas City, MO.

Where do you live now?

I live about ten minutes south of Kansas City, MO.

Do you have any pets?

Sadly, no. We had to say goodbye to our miniature dachshund, Schmaltzy, in 2023. If I ever get another pet, it will most likely be another miniature dachshund.

Why do you write books?

I write because I want to find a way for people to feel seen. I notice everything, even the people who think they are invisible. Being invisible can get lonely, scary, and sad so I bring those people into the light.

Have you always been a writer?

No, I didn’t start seriously writing until I was in my 30s. But I have always created narratives in my head about anything and everything. So, it wasn’t much of a leap to writing them down. 

Are you a musician?

If you consider a vocalist a musician, then yes. For many years I performed using my voice. I don’t do that much nowadays though. However, music is a huge part of my life. I have a playlist for everything, even my books. 

What is your favorite band or music artist?

My absolute favorite music artist is Tori Amos. Her songs find their way into most of my playlists. She inspires me to think outside the box and be brave with my stories. 

Do you read YA fiction?


What is your favorite book?

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury is my all-time favorite. I have read it at least a dozen times! It happens to be a YA novel too.

How can I learn more about you?

If you want to conduct a more in-depth interview, fill out the contact form on this website and we’ll see what we can do.

Get in touch with Julie at [email protected].

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